Happy 100th Day – Okuizome

Happy 100th day to my dear cry baby ♥

Since (unfortunately) I don’t know much of Taiwanese/Chinese culture of doing 100th day celebration (ginger and red egg party?), I did the Japanese style celebration for my daughter: Okuizome. It is performed in hopes that the child would never have to worry about food. I wasn’t planning to do it at first, but I heard one of my Japanese mommy friends did it, so I was like, heck, why not?

Here is the whole setting I had for my daughter:
- Fish. We are supposed to use Tai (red snapper/sea bream, known for celebratory fish) for this, but Ranch 99 didn’t have it today :( so I replaced it with tilapia… I didn’t feel like grilling it so I just asked Ranch 99 to deep fry it, too. The sea bream (served with the head and tail intact) is homonyms with mede-TAI which means joy and celebration in Japanese.
- Osekihan (red bean rice). This is made with sticky rice and red beans and often served on auspicious occasions in Japan. Color red is auspicious color.
- Osuimono (soup). I made it with clam and shrimp. Each of clam shells only match to its original pair, hoping that the child will some day find a significant other to share her life with. Shrimp has bent back, hoping that the child will live to a great age.
- Chikuzen-ni (stewed vegetables): It has lotus root, hoping that the child will see far ahead to the future. Also bamboo shoot, hoping that the child will grow well like bamboos.
- Sunomono (pickled vegetables): I put octopus in it, meaning the child will have lots of happiness (多幸), or her teeth will line up beautifully, just like octopus’ sucking disk, or hoping that the child will not have to worry about food.
- Umeboshi (pickled plum): The wrinkled pickled plum represents a wrinkled old person in the hope that the baby will live a long life.




ま、でも、準備する期間が短かった割には成功だったと思う。寝てるところを起こして記念撮影+食べさせるふりをしたので、娘はぎゃん泣きだったけど (笑)


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Happy Three Months!

Happy three months to my baby girl ♥

I think she’s one of the easiest babies to take care of now. At three months:

- She can sleep for six hours straight at night. It only happened for a couple days now so I don’t know if it’ll stick, but I am hopeful. It’ll be soon until she starts to sleep through the night!

- She established her daily schedule. She wakes up around 8:30am when her daddy leaves for work. She then have play time on activity mat or sleep some more if I’m still sleepy. She enjoys story times at various libraries four times a week, or goes to shopping with me. She often naps during my lunch time, and go to another story time or go for walk in the afternoon. By 5pm, she takes her nap in her favorite bouncy chair (we call it massage chair) while I/we cook and eat dinner. She takes bath around 9pm, then sleep by 10:30pm or 11pm.

- She started to use “big girl’s bath.” From birth to recently, she was on a hammock in the infant bathtub, but not any more! She’s big enough to lay in her bath. She loves her bath time & kicking the water :) She even used “big person’s bath” (regular bath tub) and enjoyed floating around with mommy’s support today. She’ll be a good swimmer :D

- She started to talk a lot. It’s not those short aahs and coos any more. I can tell she’s actually responding to me when I talk to her. No idea what she’s talk about, but I love her responses!

- Unfortunately she started to hate being in the car seat :( I think it’s because she gets bored in it, or maybe because she doesn’t see me. Or both. She’s usually okay being in there when we go for stroll, but cries a lot when in the car. As soon as I put her down in the car seat and buckle her up, I can see her expression changes :( Any advice?

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Two Months Check Up

Had a two months check up for my daughter today. She’s about 50% on all her measuring. We are doing great! :)

She also had four immunization… Three needles and one via mouth. Ouch. It was painful to see her getting needles and cry, but at least she stopped crying after I hold her.

In the past month:
- She talks a lot more. It’s just the cooing sound, but sometime she even responds right after we talk. It’s as if she is really communicating with us! Couple days ago I even noticed that she coos longer.
- Her neck is stable. I still support her neck just in case, but even without the support, she can keep her head up.
- Got chubbier xD. It makes me really happy when I see her legs becoming more like Michelin tire mascot xD
- Sleeps longer on some days. The most she slept was 5 hours on new year’s day. Unfortunately it’s not stable yet and she sometime still wakes up as often as every hour, but I’m hoping she will do better in the near future.
- Started to use bouncer. I call it a massage chair since it can vibrate lol. At first she wasn’t used to sitting in it, but now she can even sleep in it.

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Cloth Diaper

New year began, and that means it’s time to use cloth diapers! My daughter is almost two months old, and I think it’s pretty good timing, too.

So far I like using good old way the best: wa-omutsu (輪おむつ) plus diaper cover. I think wa-omutsu is very traditional diaper in Japan, just like prefolds in the States. (I bought some prefolds, too, and can’t wait to use them!)

I also tried pocket diapers, but I just can’t stand washing diaper covers (even though they are not really covers) after only one session… I know I’m stingy :/

Though… I’m very curious… Do all cloth diaper babies cry as soon as they have wet diapers? And do they wet their diapers like every 30 mins? Cause that’s what’s happening to mine. I don’t mind changing it so often, but I wish it was summer now so I have less buttons to button up!

Also, I use diaper liners, which I started to think is a little waste… Maybe I shouldn’t use them right after big poop diaper.

I have a lot to experiment on CDing, but hopefully I can continue!

(Oh, and I do CD during day time only. For now, at least. No way I’m waking up every 30 mins in the middle of the night!)

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Taro Ball

This is my new favorite recipe: Taro Ball. I often ordered this when I get taro milk tea at Fantasia, but it gets a little pricy when I order it every time. Since I have more time now, I thought of making it and surprisingly it was really easy to make.

I followed the recipe from Chow Times: http://chowtimes.com/2010/03/20/taro-balls/

I was lazy (and not knowing how) to make taro milk, so I just used red bean soup instead.
I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, but I think I can use a bit more of sweet potato starch so it will be more chewy.

Either way, it was an easy and delicious dessert to make ^^

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Status Report [39w0d]


Had a weekly doctor appointment today again, but no progress. I haven’t dilated at all yet. Hubby thinks baby will arrive this week, whereas I still think she will arrive on Nov 8. If she doesn’t come out one week after the due date (by Nov 12), we will be inducing the labor. Hope that will not happen.

I’ve heard walking around a lot would help the labor go smoothly, so I try to walk a lot lately. Today I walked 10k steps. Kinda hard at times though, since left side of my abdomen starts to hurt sometime. It’s the similar feeling when you eat and run right after… At least it goes away after while.

Hubby seems to finally get a feel of baby’s arrival. He packed his bag and put the infant car seat in the car, so we don’t have to worry about them when our baby is ready.

For myself, I don’t feel I’m pregnant much any more since I don’t have any “bad” symptom of being pregnant. My backbone doesn’t hurt, hip joints are still doing well, I can eat normally, and I haven’t gained weight for past couple of weeks.

I do feel sleepy and so I nap every day, which is a great thing…

My belly gets tighten very often now. Very noticeable when I wake up in the middle of the night. I don’t feel the pain but it is very hard for me to move around when this happens. Doctor said it’s contraction, but still a different kind of contraction. I get worried a bit but she didn’t seem to care, so I guess it’s normal?

Baby still moves in my belly, though it’s more of only arms and legs moving around. A lot of the times people can feel her kicking on my right side of the belly. Such a tiny foot sticking out <3

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Status Report [38w0d]


I had a regular check up today. My doctor told me that the baby has dropped (I still feel the same though), but I haven’t dilated yet. She also told me that it doesn’t mean anything; baby might still pop out any time now, or can be some more weeks. I still have a hunch that she won’t arrive here til Nov 8.

I’ve been getting a lot of things done lately.
- Packed the hospital bag
- Washed the baby clothes, diapers, blankets, etc. Even sun-dried them, too!
- Wrote thank you cards for the gifts received
- Bought some baby items that we’ll need right away
- Got infant car seat installed (except my dad accidentally undone it on the next day)
- Went to baby item rummage sale and got some good deals
- Had great dinner with some friends before we’re grounded to the house/baby

Not sure if I’m “ready” but I think I’m ready enough. Trying not to think about pain and fear about being in labor… Ignorance is bliss *nods*nods* Very thankful that the little one is giving me some time to get prepared before all the joyful madness begins.

Despite of hearing other people say I would feel super heavy during the last month of pregnancy, I’m feeling rather well lately. Sure, belly is heavy, but I am sleeping much better now. I used to have sleeping problem due to the back bone pain (had to keep turning every 2~3 hours, and couldn’t sleep longer than 6 hours total cause it hurt so much), but it somehow went away. I wonder if it’s because I don’t have to stay in front of my desk any more? I still wake up for bathroom, but that’s not a big deal.

My hip joint pain went away, too. It hurt so much at one time that I had to limp when I walk… but not any more. It still hurts once in a while, but a little bit of stretching would fix it right away.

I’m aiming to walk more than 10,000 steps a day, but that’s hard to do. Usually I walk about 5,000~8,000 steps a day. Gotta start walking more, but now that the weather is colder and it rains a lot, I’m not sure.

I’m still feeling the baby kicks and punches often. It’s almost always towards the right side of my belly button that I feel the kicks, which is cute… and punches near my cervix, which is somewhat scary =_=; Still love feeling her movements in my tummy. I’ll miss it a lot once she’s out :(

I experienced fake contraction once at 36 weeks. It hurt like period cramp and want to go #2 at the same time, but it went away after 3 waves. If the pain stays at that level, I can manage without drugs… but I’m sure that’s a wishful thinking.

Hmmm what else? My parents came to the States last week. It was a little crazy last week while everyone get used to the new environment, but I think it’s got better now.

Baby name. We have a name in mind, but still somewhat exploring other options. Probably end up using this name though, since we keep calling her with this name, and we keep coming back to this name.

Oh yeah, I created a Twitter account to use when I go into labor… Not sure if I can manage it at all, but gonna try anyway. @babydragonhui

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36w2d – お腹が重たい!






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36w1d – 前駆陣痛?!


前駆陣痛じゃないかと思うような痛みに襲われた >.<;; 生理痛 + 下痢しそうな勢いの痛みが、大体 30 分間隔で 1 分ぐらい、それが三回。どうかなー、前駆陣痛なのかしら。




今日は庭のお掃除から始める。絶対半年以上掃除してないよな・・・という状態なので、落ち葉の量がすごい!各家に割り当てられたコンポストの容器があるんだけど、一山しかはいらなかった・・・。あと四山ぐらいあるんだけど orz


そしてご飯を食べ、お昼寝をしてから、一ヶ月ちょっと前ぐらいに出産した友人宅へ。赤ちゃん、産まれた次の日にも見に行ったんだけど、 6 週間後の今、でっかくなってるねー。おっぱい・ミルクも一杯飲むそうだ。うちの子も一杯飲んで元気にすくすく育って欲しいなぁ。友人や、友人の家族に会うのも久しぶりだったんで、私のお腹もおっきくなったねー、と言われた。ますます臨月なことを実感。


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